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Based in the Greater Niagara Region 


Points of Contact:

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Website: trinaastorstewart.com

Gluten Free Facebook Page: facebook.com/astoriamills

Twitter: twitter.com/astoriatrina

YouTube: Astoria Magazine 

Initial contact via email is preferred as this helps schedule your precious time, and yes mine…

The way we work together:
As a creative worker, I take the time necessary to assure the creative process unfolds. My day has always been disiplined to get the job done while at the same time leaving room for serendipity – like when you focus on a problem and – all at once out of the blue – in the middle of the night, you get an impartation of an answer  -from The Universe, The Grace of God   -Angels... well the solution has just popped into your head… I love that feeling! 

To do the right creative work  -that will meet your expectations  -of what you need to have accomplished 

-we need to do a little DISCOVERY.

This can take some time, chatting about your goals.  -I’m all ears… So if you feel that a more creative, intuitive, inspirational something!
-might be what you need,  -let’s get started, email me now.



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