This website is an eclectic mix of things I am interested in sharing with you…


Most content is from my blogs about a gluten free lifestyle, challenges, recipes I’ve developed.  At the moment I am working on some new mini-cookbooks which I’ll be sharing soon.

I plan to expand this into more fun things about my eclectic life experiences. Lots of creative things I’ve been involved in over the years that I now have time to elaborate on and share.

In my blogs, you will find references to Astoria Mills. This was a line of gluten free mixes that I developed and had manufactured and sold all over North America. It was a great experience getting into the food industry and a big learning curve. I was one of the first to introduce an enrichment formula specially developed for those on a gluten free diet.  My mixes and recipes were taste tested in all kinds of situations and I am pleased to say that people who normally could eat wheat loved my recipes just as much.

Chocolate Cupcake with Mocha Frosting

Top of Cake

After all, those of us who must eat a gluten free diet like to eat and enjoy our meals with family and friends just as much as anyone else. Food is not just nourishment, it is a social experience. I have had the good fortune to cook and bake with chefs who loved being able to serve gluten free foods to patrons that tasted great. A little bit fearless, I went on TV for taste tests. I even created native bannock bread that was gluten free and gave an impromptu taste test with rave results. Asked to create bow tie pasta, I formulated a recipe that restaurant patrons it was tried out on, could not believe it was gluten free. People loved the taste of my mixes,  how easy it was to cook and bake gluten free, from delicious breads, main dishes and desserts.

I would not have missed this journey for the world! Now though, after personal changes that made it impossible to carry on this business, I still want to share what I have worked so hard to develop over the years. So get ready as I keep expanding this website to showcase my new recipe books and more.

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