TAS Creative Consulting

by Trina Astor-Stewart

Sharing creative solutions from an eclectic life…

My experiences as executive director with Lynde House Museum & Warren General Store were amazing! A lifetime of creative entrepreneureship, my journey brought all kinds of experiences that could be drawn upon to bring the museum from boxes to display to interpretive programming. Inspiring and working with volunteers and stakeholders was rewarding on many levels.

New vistas await as I venture into a larger world as a Consultant

…albeit not just an advisor  -a doer !

From start-ups to follow-ups, when a unique and ‘out of the box’ idea is needed with the right mix to make it happen, that is me. I am a Visionary Dreamer the likes of which, Salim Ismail, refers to in his book, Exponential Organizations. A lifetime of creative entrepreneurship, my journey is taking on a new direction. Hope you will find something to inspire in these pages.


Table setting in the dining room at Lynde House Museum.

Taking a look back –

Like so many others, the career I started with has morphed over the years. Who would have thought anyone could go through so many variations on a theme? 

Though times and technologies change, some intrinsic things don’t –  I have found that digging for creative solutions, adding skill sets, caring about people – some core things never change, just how you apply them does.

Thus, my journey through various career paths -Content Creation  -photography, graphics, writing, website and social media management – to – turning a food intolerance into gluten free food development  – to – organizing and promoting events, marketing, helping others develop their businesses online, to being a museum director, applying for grants, recruiting and managing staff and volunteers. Yes, just finding a need and filling it… Through all of these interests a living has been made, a life is being lived, and projects furthered. So now I turn my hand to sharing and putting it all together.

Top of Cake

Gluten Free -and Foods Without  …a lot of things that most take for granted.

The above cake was developed especially for a Live History Show at Lynde House Museum in November where the guests were a mixture of traditional eaters, vegan, gluten free along with tree nut and peanut allergies. So it had to be without …

I was tickled pink to hear the comments of those who could and those who could not eat traditional foods, that this was the best Victorian inspired, Wedding/Christmas cake they had ever tasted! One woman exclaimed she had never liked fruitcake but tried it anyway and was delighted.

In many previous blogs, attached to this website, you will find references to Astoria Mills. This was a line of gluten free mixes that I developed and had manufactured and sold all over North America. It was a great experience getting into the food industry and a big learning curve. I was one of the first to introduce an enrichment formula specially developed for those on a gluten free diet in the blends.

Gluten free foods made using my recipes were taste tested in all kinds of situations and I am pleased to say that people who normally could eat wheat loved my recipes just as much. I worked with many gluten free bakeries and restaurants sharing techniques etc. However, due to contract manufacturer and supply-chain management changes the Astoria Mills gluten free mixes themselves are no longer available. I am in the process of writing new cookbooks so that you can make your own gluten free mixes. Yes, I still want to share, so you can enjoy!

After all, those of us who must eat a gluten free diet like to eat and enjoy our meals with family and friends just as much as anyone else. Food is not just nourishment, it is a social experience. I have had the good fortune to cook and bake with chefs who loved being able to serve gluten free foods to patrons that tasted great. A little bit fearless, I went on TV for taste tests. I even created native bannock bread that was gluten free and gave an impromptu taste test while on a visit to Waskaganish to the Cree Chief -with rave results. Talk about selling refrigerators to the… but even there, some people cannot eat wheat. I was kindly introduced as the ‘chef from New York’. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Seems I love a challenge and when asked to create bow tie pasta, I formulated a recipe. The restaurant patrons were given it as a blind taste test and could not believe it was gluten free.

I would not have missed this food journey for the world! Just more experience and skills to add to my repertoire.

Thinking back, I must be fearless…

What fun is to be had next? I am sure it will be magical, I just love the challenge!

Pink roses in white vase